Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Lifetime gifts to the Order have been used in many ways: to form Priests and Religious, to support local Parishes, to educate school children, to help those who are sick, disabled and displaced, to champion justice, to encourage economic development, to seek peace, and ultimately provide a path of hope for Christians in the Holy Land.

An Estate bequest is a unique opportunity to continue your pattern of support for the wonderful and necessary programs and the people who rely on the Order for help. Estate funds would be available after your lifetime needs have been satisfied and it may reduce or eliminate Estate Tax liability. It may even provide some tax benefits while you are alive.

Each North America Lieutenancy is appropriately registered as a non-profit organization in their home countries and can accept your bequest. Each has a designated person who can assist you and your financial advisors through the process of making a bequest.

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society is the recognition that a member of the Order will continue their faithful investment in the Order and the Holy Land from a bequest through their estate. The Legacy Society works to help ensure members’ wishes are respected.

How Do I Give?

The most common way to give a gift through your estate is through a “bequest” included in your will or trust. A statement in your will or trust should specify who is going to receive the funds and what they are going to receive.

You have the options of giving 1) a stated amount, 2) a percentage of your remaining assets or 3) a specific item or items of value.

The most common form is an unrestricted gift- one where the Order receives the funds with the flexibility of applying them to programs and projects most in need. The Order can work with donations to a specific cause or program when desired by the individual.

What if I want my gift to help for an extended period of time?

If you want your funds to support the Order for an extended period of time, either in general or for a specific application, you would need to create an Edowment. There is some flexibility in the types of endowment including options of a specific percentage or amount distributed each year or an endowment where only the interest from the funds is used for the Order’s programs, thus protecting the principal in perpetuity. 

What type of items may I give?

Currency, stocks and bonds are most common but the Order is flexible and open to receiving a wide range of valuable items.

Special Beneficiary Options

In addition, there are assets, such as Life Insurance Policies and Retirement Plans, where you can name the Order as the beneficiary.

I’m not a member, can I still give?

YES!  The Order is pleased to be the conduit for anyone interested in helping the people of the Holy Land. Please use the Contact Us box on the home page (lower left column) and someone will contact you.